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Chronic Fatigue

Because acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine adopt a holistic view of human health, certain conditions not easily treated by conventional Western methods respond favorably to the use of these more ancient techniques. Chronic fatigue is one area in which acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been of great use, providing real relief and even a full recovery in cases that were resistant to, or even unacknowledged by, conventional Western medicine.

In general, chronic fatigue is regarded by Traditional Chinese Medicine as a deficiency disorder, manifesting itself as a deficiency of qi, yin, or yang; there is also an excess present as well, usually of dampness or damp-heat. No two cases are identical, because no two patients are identical, but treatment in all cases seeks to address the underlying deficiency of qi, yin, or yang while expelling the excess damp or damp-heat. 

Chronic fatigue is a difficult condition to address, but acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine - especially the custom-blended herbal formulas for which TCM is so justly famous - are rapidly gaining acceptance as the gold standard in chronic fatigue treatment.