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Hepatitis is a chronic disease of viral origin, affecting the patient's liver and resulting in a variety of conditions, with jaundice being the most well-known.

While there are a variety of methods to treat this disease using Western therapeutic methods, researchers in China and Asia report better success when these Western techniques are complemented by the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This two-pronged attack on the disease appears to yield greater results than either one taken by itself, and represents one of the most common applications of the principles of "New Medicine" in China. 

Treatment of hepatitis using TCM generally consists of a long-term program, using a variety of herbal formulas to increase immune response, inhibit viral reproduction, and address symptoms. A variety of studies in Taiwan, China, and Japan confirm the effectiveness of these regimens matches the success rate of Western pharmaceutical interventions, with viral inhibition measured by the most frequently used tests showing results that are comparable to Western medical treatment, and tests showing antibody conversion or liver enzyme normalization within the range achieved by the use of Western drugs.