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Modern life is stressful. The demands of family, career, and the ever-increasing complexities of daily life can cause harmful stress and related conditions.

While many seek to cope with these difficulties through the use of prescription medications and/or expensive and time-consuming Western psychological techniques, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine offer genuine relief for many.

Acupuncture and TCM techniques often provide immediate relief, helping  people through the physical and emotional symptoms of stress. Patients seeking treatment for stress and related conditions frequently enter the office in a state of extreme distress and agitation; after a few minutes of treatment, they are likely to feel a deep sense of calm as their practitioner addresses the qi obstructions and disharmonies causing their worst physical symptoms. As in other cases, but more often for stress than for other conditions, patients frequently fall into a light and pleasant sleep shortly after treatment begins.

Long-term treatment may require more frequent visits, but most people come back only for occasional "tune ups," or to have their TCM herbal formulas adjusted or modified to better meet their changing needs and conditions.

Chinese herbal formulas are frequently of great help in addressing the underlying physiological conditions believed by TCM to lie at the heart of stress and stress-related disorders, with certain formulas shown to be applicable to the most common manifestations of this condition.

As always, your acupuncturist can assist you in formulating a plan of action most suitable for your circumstances.