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A patient is not a disease, and a disease is not just a set of symptoms. Depression is a real condition, crippling in its effects and devastating to those who know its pain. All too often opting for the quick fix of prescription medications, many patients, and even some Western physicians, view depression as a result of personality problems, or as the natural consequence of modern life.

The wisdom of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine understands that all conditions are related, and that depression, like every other disorder, has causes that can be treated, provided the proper approach is taken. Depression, then, is an illness, albeit a difficult one, but it can be treated as one would treat allergies or any other disorder within the human being.

By identifying first the nature of the individual patient's make up and temperament, Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes the individuality and deeply personal nature of this disharmony; no two cases are alike, and what might work for one type will not work for another - there is no one size fits all for this or any other condition in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

By paying close attention to the underlying nature of the patient's personality and make up, the practitioner can draw on the experience and theoretical insight that make up the two great strengths of Traditional Chinese Medicine and can work with the patient to help restore order and harmony within the patient as a whole. Whereas Western medicine sees depression as primarily a mental disorder, and therefore concentrates on treating only the brain, Traditional Chinese Medicine understands that every aspect of a person is involved in and affects and is affected by every other aspect.