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Headaches, whether triggered by stress, work, allergic conditions, or most other common causes, respond favorably to acupuncture and TCM treatment. In general, by treating the underlying cause of the discomfort - be it fatigue, allergies, or sinus conditions - a TCM practitioner can usually reduce the frequency and severity of headaches in very short order.Headaches resulting from PMS or similar conditions are easily and effectively treated by the combined use of acupuncture and TCM herbal formulas. PMS is virtually unheard of in Asia and in communities with strong TCM traditions, as the condition is so commonly and easily treated with TCM.

Headaches caused by the common cold or influenza respond best to the use of herbal formulas intended to treat the underlying condition (cold, influenza, etc). Chinese medicine is particulary effective in these cases.

Headaches arising from sinusitis and/or allergic conditions are easily treated as well, with many patients reporting not only relief of the headaches, but also an end to the underlying condition triggering them.

The treatment of migraines is a specialty of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine; a combined regimen of regular acupuncture and the use of custom-blended herbal formulas produces the best results, with many patients reporting "cures" within a few weeks of starting treatment.